Latest PUBG UC Trick 2019 Free Without Ban (100% Working)

Hello friends, we are back with the new PUBG UC trick of 2019. If you are looking for the best PUBG UC Trick, then you must read this article till end. Here you will get free PUBG UC Trick with simple and easy Steps.

In PUBG, there are lots of item skins and weapon skins are available. Everyone wants to buy this skins and items, but we need some UC cash to purchase that skins and items. UC is nothing but the Unkonwn Cash currency which is required to buy weapon skins and item skins. It is  not possible for everyone to buy some UC cash because of their financial problems. So we are here to telll you a simple PUBG UC Trick to buy UC cash for free. You need to follows simple trick to get UC.

What is PUBG UC Trick ?

PUBG UC Trick is the trick to buy UC for free without any cost or very less cost. PUBG Mobile Unknow Cash or PUBG UC is the in-game currencies of PUBG Mobile. It is used to purchase in-game items such as weapons skins, clothes, parachutes, crates and many more. SEA Gamer Mall sells PUBG Mobile Unknown Cash Top Up Service as well as UC top up codes. Cheaper pricing. Guaranteed satisfactory UC top up service.

Before some days, because of some PUBG and Play store glitches and errors so many peoples use uc purchase trick on play store and they got 8000 UC cash in their PUBG account for free of cost.  After some days, PUBG and Play store found that glitch and they solve the errors and they ban all the PUBG account for 1o days who got PUBG 8000 UC and they remove all the purchases made with that uc cash.

There are three methods to get Free PUBG UC :

  1. Google Play Redeem Code Trick (Needs 4Rs for 60UC)
  2. Earn PUBG UC Trick Free.
  3. Play PUBG Mobile Tournaments.

PUBG UC Trick Redeem Code Google Play Store Trick

Most of the peoples knows how to purchase UC in PUBG from Play store. Procedure is same but we need to follow some simple tricks to get UC. Using this trick you can purchase Royal Pass. So please read this article carefully.

Before doing this PUBG UC trick make sure you have done this below things.

  1. Make 10 new Gmail accounts.
  2. Android Mobile with Play store and Play services.
  3. Internet Banking or Any other Payment method. (We need to pay 4Rs for 60UC).
  4. PUBG game installed.

How to use Google Play Store PUBG UC trick ?

To use this PUBG UC trick, you have to follows belows simple steps. Lets start with the steps and make sure you have follow every step carefully.

  1. Firstly remove all google account from your android decvice.
  2. Then clear data and cache of play store, play services and play agmes.
  3. Now open PUBG Mobile and go to purchase UC.
  4. Select the first one option of 60 UC to purchase.
  5. Now you will be redirected to Play Store.

Now here is the main trick to get UC. Follow bellow steps carefully.

  1. Now Play Store will ask for the Paymant Method, Choose you preferred payment method (Must use Net Banking).
  2. Fill the adresss details and other information.
  3. It will ask for the password.
  4. Important Step : Enter wrong password, Don’t enter correct password.
  5. It will show “Wrong Password”.
  6. Press Back And Click on No Thanks button.
  7. Then you will their is one offer to get 75Rs off on purchase.
  8. Click on Buy button to get that offer at Rs 4 only.
  9. And Pay Rs.4 simply to get 60UC.

Below are the proofs to get 60UC at Rs.4

Latest PUBG UC Trick 2019 Free Proof 1

Latest PUBG UC Trick 2019 Free Proof 2


Latest PUBG UC Trick 2019 Free Proof 3

Do the same prcedure to get 60 UC 10 times which means you will get total of 600 UC cash in your PUBG wallet. But make sure you have cleared data and cache of play store, play services and play agmes every time to get 60UC at Rs 4 only.

Earn PUBG UC Android App Trick

This is a simple uc trick. You just need to download one Android App which we are posting its link below. This app provides various ways to earn money online through your android mobile.

Just follow this simple steps given below:

  1. Download this Android App Click Here
  2. Install this app and Signup. You will get Rs.25 instantly in your wallet.
  3. Use this invite code to get Rs.50 instantly in your wallet. Code =>> 09OH1P
  4. Copy and paste this code in this app and get your additional Rs.25 instantly.

You can also earn money by playing games in this app. Also you can play quiz, contests and by reading articles you can earn. You will get points by playing games and this points will be converted to Rupees at every night after 12 am. Just play games and earn money easily online from home. Happy earnings!!

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Play PUBG Tournaments and Get UC

You can play tournaments to earn money from UC cash. For this, you have to look for the PUBG tournament going in your nearby areas or you can join the tournamanets which conducts by some youtube streamer. Just be active to join the tournamnets conducted by youtubers. We are going to add a feature of PUBG tournament leagues soon. In which you can participate and earn money by killing the enemy or winning the game.

PUBG UC trick iOS

iOS users can get the same UC cash but they need to login their PUBG account on other android device and do the same procedure from Step 1 carefully.

Thank you for reading this article. If this article is helpful for you, then please share this article so that your friends and family members can take advantage of this PUBG UC Trick.

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